Quote Post: Kurt Vonnegut

'We’ll go down in history as the first society that wouldn’t save itself because it wasn’t cost-effective.'

― Kurt Vonnegut

Quote Post: Philip Roth

In every calm and reasonable person there is hidden a second person scared witless about death.

― The Dying Animal by Philip Roth

Reblog: ‘Why We’re So Defensive and How to Stop’ — Leon’s Existential Cafe

We make significant mistakes when we’re protecting ourselves. Defensiveness, self-aggrandizement, bragging, deflecting, perfectionism; whatever you want to label it, we sometimes suck at maintaining our relationships. When stuck in fight or flight, the innate system that helps us avert or challenge danger, we cultivate responses that might benefit us in the short-term but, once crystalized, […]

Why We’re So Defensive and How to Stop — Leon’s Existential Cafe