Request for help: Academic criticism of Terror Management Theory?

The website says that ‘[s]ome of the foundational studies on which TMT is based have failed to replicate, thereby drawing criticism within the field of psychology’ (

I am very interested in reading this criticism. I have asked for the sources of this criticism but they haven’t got back to me.

Does anyone know where I could find this criticism online? (Hopefully open access!)

6 thoughts on “Request for help: Academic criticism of Terror Management Theory?

    • Hi lylabug92,

      I am wondering if you can help me?

      I have recently been reading with interest the studies that have claimed the findings of Terror Management Theory (Greenberg et al., 1994) are not replicable (Many Labs 4, 2022; Sætrevik & Sjåstad, 2019; Schindler, Reinhardt, & Reinhard, 2021).

      I am finding it hard to reconcile these findings of non-replication with Professor Sheldon Solomon’s statement that ‘[t]here are now upwards of 1000 of these studies, done not just by us, but by other researchers around the world.’ ( I would like to read some of these 1000 or so studies, is there an easy way to find a list of all of them?

      Thanks so much,
      Dave Underwood


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